Dear Fellow Pakistanis,

In these uncertain times, I bring forth a beacon of hope – the “Economic Revolution for Prosperous Pakistan.”
As a nation of 250 million, our greatest resource lies within our people. Today, we are honored to unveil an ecosystem aimed at training 10 million individuals with in-demand skills, while establishing 100,000 startups to create 10 million jobs. By transforming human liabilities into human capital, we aim to uplift Pakistan’s economy.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor to shape a brighter future for Pakistan.

Mahmood Sadiq


USA-Nano Degrees
The Premier Education

USA-Nano Degrees offer accelerated, job-focused programs designed to equip students with expert-level skills in Digital Marketing, Web Development, International Tourism & Global Trade.
The duration of Nano-degree is one year divided into three trimesters of four months each. In the first trimester, students gain theoretical knowledge followed by practical experience in the second trimester. In the third trimester, students start paid internship earning Rs. 40,000 followed by secure job of Rs. 80,000. The start salary of Nano-degree graduates is more than the start salary of most of the Bachelors and  Masters programs.

Nano Degrees


The Nano Degrees

Nano Degree

The Nano Degree in Marketing Strategies & Campaign Design equips you with the skills to become a marketing mastermind,  developing winning strategies, and craft persuasive ad copies.

Nano Degree

The Nano Degree in Graphics Design & Videography equips students with cutting-edge skills in visual storytelling, digital design, and video production for diverse industries, using a wide range of AI applications.

Nano Degree

This Nano Degree offers comprehensive training in online advertising, content creation, analytics, and forming strategies to effectively engage audiences across various digital platforms.

Nano Degree

This Nano degree focuses on mastering WordPress, Shopify, and Wix, enabling students to build, manage, and optimize professional Ecommerce websites for business success across multiple platforms.

Nano Degree

A Customer Response Management (CRM) Nano Degree equips you with skills to build and manage strong customer relationships, rapidly advancing your career in sales, marketing, and service roles.

Nano Degree
Frontend Web Development

A Nano Degree in Front End Web Development offers specialized training in creating visually engaging websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, emphasizing responsive, interactive design, and user experience.

Digital Marketing Agencies
Understanding the Mechanics

The primary goal of this ecosystem is to train personnel for digital marketing agencies, serving the needs of 334 million global businesses. 

With the increasing shift to online platforms, digital marketing services are in high demand, necessitating continuous improvement and fresh content. Within the agency framework, there are four key departments: Marketing Strategies & Campaign Design, Graphics Design & Videography, Digital Marketing & Social Media Management, and Website Development.

Entrepreneurs owning these agencies will establish offices equipped with 25 workstations. They will receive staff, clients, and payments from DynaTech Holdings and its affiliates. Their responsibility will be to deliver professional services to clients provided by DynaTech.

Program Structure

The Nano Degree program is a one-year intensive course divided into
three trimesters of four months each.

The first trimester is the backbone of every Nano Degree. Students study 4 courses gaining knowledge along with practical skills in 96 On-campus & 96 Online lectures followed by 96 lab sessions. This blended learning approach combines three days of on-campus learning with three days of online study.

Assessment and Progression:

Students are evaluated monthly to ensure their progress. To advance to the next level, a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 is required.

Repeating Modules

Nano Degrees are taught in a modular format, with each module lasting one month. To progress to the next module, students must achieve a CGPA of 3.5. Students who do not meet this CGPA requirement will need to retake the module. There is no additional fee for repeating a module, but a minimum 90% attendance rate is mandatory.

Benefits of Repetition

Nano Degrees prepare graduates for in-demand jobs at partner companies. Rigorous coursework ensures students possess top skills. By repeating modules for improvement, we create job-ready professionals.

Launch Your Career with

a Secure Job of Rs. 80,000

The USA Nano Degree program sets itself apart with its commitment to student success. Upon program completion, graduates receive a secure job with a start salary of Rs. 80,000. This competitive salary surpasses the typical starting salaries for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduates in many fields.

Seamless Transition

To ensure a smooth transition from academics to professional life, students receive an appointment letter at the time of admission. This letter serves as a formal commitment from a partnering company, securing a job upon successful program completion.

The Ecosystem of Success

A Collaborative Approach to Tech Growth in Pakistan

The University of South Asia has unveiled a robust ecosystem aimed at revolutionizing the educational and entrepreneurial landscape. With ambitious goals to train 10 million youth and initiate 100,000 startups, this initiative is set to redefine the future of innovation and employment in the region.

Core Partners

At the heart of this ecosystem is the University of South Asia itself, which assumes the critical role of delivering and overseeing Nano Degree training programs across its campuses in Lahore. To amplify the reach, DynaTech Holdings is establishing 1,000 Digital Training Institutions, dubbed The Digi-Centers, throughout Pakistan. These institutions are envisioned to serve as hubs of digital excellence, equipping students with the skills needed for the evolving global marketplace.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to nurturing these fledgling startups, providing the mentorship, resources, and ecosystem needed to transition from concept to commercial success confidently

Key to the ecosystem’s success is the collaboration with Impulse Digital, tasked with funneling aspiring students into these programs and connecting emerging startups with business clients from across the world.

DynaTech Holdings promises to bolster this initiative by offering job security to graduates alongside providing entrepreneurs with trained staff, clients, and a safety net through insurance against potential losses. This holistic approach ensures a supportive pathway for students and startups alike, promising a brighter future for the economic landscape of Pakistan.

Launching Your Tech Career

The third trimester marks the transition to a paid internship. Students receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 40,000 in recognition of their contributions. This paid internship offers the opportunity to work on more complex projects with increased responsibility, fostering a deeper understanding of professional roles and workflows.
Furthermore, students benefit from valuable mentorship from experienced professionals, gaining practical guidance and industry insights. By the end of the internship, students will have a strong portfolio of work experience, making them highly sought-after candidates in the tech job market.

The Nano Degree Internship Program

The Nano Degree program doesn’t stop at theoretical knowledge. It propels students towards successful tech careers with its integrated Internship Program. This program acts as a launchpad, offering valuable real-world experience and industry insights to prepare graduates for the workforce. The internship program is a two-part experience designed for gradual integration into the professional world.
Following a rigorous training period in the first trimester, students gain their initial hands-on experience in the second trimester through an unpaid internship. This initial phase allows them to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world projects, gain exposure to industry practices and work environments, and develop essential soft skills through interaction with colleagues. This early exposure helps solidify the theoretical foundation laid in the first trimester and allows students to identify areas for further skill development.

DynaTech Holdings:
The Brain Behind the Game

DynaTech Holdings, a global entity, oversees the Ecosystem’s commercial operations. This central hub ensures smooth functioning and collaboration among key partners.

Peace of Mind with DynaTech

Operations & Assurances

Invest in Your Future with Affordable Nano Degrees

Program Fees:

Registration Fee: Rs. 5,000
Tuition Fee: Rs. 15,000 per month for 12 months (Total: Rs. 180,000) payable in 3 installments.


By choosing our Nano Degree programs, you gain access to high-quality education at a minimal financial burden. This investment in your future equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a competitive tech industry. In totality students pay Rs. 180,000 as tuition fee.

Ignite Your Vision, Empower Pakistan

The Economic Revolution Beckons All

Pakistan’s economic future is being built, brick by brick, and it needs the collective strength of its people. Whether you’re a trailblazing entrepreneur with a game-changing idea, a seasoned faculty member with a wealth of knowledge to share, a retired bureaucrat with a strategic mind honed by experience, or an ex serviceman with leadership and tactical expertise – the “Economic Revolution” initiative has a place for you.

This isn't just about jobs – it's about building a collaborative ecosystem where diverse talents synergize.

Calling All Innovators:


Nano Degree programs equip you with the skills to navigate the tech landscape and bring your groundbreaking ideas to life.


Share your expertise and inspire the next generation. Your knowledge is a cornerstone of our program’s success.

Bureaucrats (Retired)

Leverage your strategic insights to shape effective policies and foster a thriving business environment.

Ex Servicemen

Contribute your leadership and strategic thinking to build a robust and efficient economic system.

Together, we are stronger.

The “Economic Revolution” initiative offers a platform where your unique capabilities can be combined with targeted training and valuable mentorship. This is your chance to not just build a career, but to build a future for Pakistan – a future powered by innovation, collaboration, and your unwavering dedication.


General Program

Intensive, one-year programs focused on developing in-demand tech skills.

Gain job-ready skills, guaranteed job upon completion, industry exposure, and stipend in the third trimester.

Individuals seeking careers in tech, looking for jobs, increase in salary, career stability, or career changers.

The program offers a study loan option with repayment after graduation.

Program Structure & Curriculum

One year, divided into three trimesters of four months each.

First trimester: Full-time on-campus studies for three days a week and online study for remaining three days.
Second trimester: Part-time online study and full-time unpaid internship.
Third trimester: Part time online study and Full-time paid internship with Rs. 40,000 stipend.

Six class lecture and six online lectures a week combined with six Lab sessions and 12 weekly assignments

A good comprehension skill is required to clear the degree in one go without having to repeat any module

No there is no additional fee for repeat of module.

Internship & Job Placement

Students gain practical experience by working on real-world projects with a company

Students receive a stipend in the third trimester during their internship

Yes, the program offers a secure job with a start salary of Rs. 80,000.

On admission confirmation an appointment letter is issued by DynaTech.

Admission & Application Process

Provisional admission is granted to everyone. Students are tested after one week of studies. On achieving B grade in all four subjects of the Nano degree, the admission is confirmed.

Students are required to repeat the one week of study, if they do not get a B grade.

Students can repeat the subject without paying fee four times.

The application fee is Rs. 5,000.

Tuition is Rs. 12,000 per month for 12 months (total Rs. 144,000).

The Ecosystem & Partners

A network of organizations working together to support tech entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

USA provides training for students, entrepreneurs, and other collaborating partners and staff.

CIE offers support services to help entrepreneurs establish and manage tech companies

Impulse Digital provides students to the Digi Centers and clients to the CIE-mentored entrepreneurs.

Additional Information

There is no specific dress code, but professional attire is recommended during internships and networking events

While the program doesn’t offer traditional certifications, graduates receive a Nano Degree upon completion.

Currently, the program is focused on studies within Pakistan.
The knowledge acquired in the Nano degree is applicable across the world but Job Guarantee is provided for working in Pakistan only.

Target Audience Specific

In the complete application form that you fill after admission confirmation, there is section that asks you to apply for study loan.

The loan is typically repaid in equal installments after graduation, deducted from your guaranteed job placement salary.

Technical Requirements

The program requires access to a reliable laptop computer with internet access. Specific software
needs may vary depending on the chosen program.