Teaching Positions for Fresh Graduates

Dear Fellow Pakistanis,

As a nation of 250 million, our greatest resource lies within our people. Today, we are honored to unveil an ecosystem aimed at training 10 million individuals with in-demand skills, while establishing 100,000 startups to create 10 million jobs. By transforming human liabilities into human capital, we aim to uplift Pakistan’s economy.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor to shape a brighter future for Pakistan.

Mahmood Sadiq


Pakistan’s Financial Challenge

Pakistan is at a crossroads, with millions of people living in poverty and shrinking middle class. The nation’s economic stability is heavily reliant on the IMF, whose potential withdrawal of support could dramatically destabilize the country, highlighting the vulnerability of its financial situation.

The Ecosystem for Growth

Universities hold a pivotal role in providing solutions to steer the nations out of economic challenges. The University of South Asia has boldly assumed leadership in this arena, establishing a robust ecosystem designed to free the country from its debt-trap and build its economy over the next five years.

The ecosystem comprises 100,000 Startups in the fields of Digital Marketing, Web Programming, International Tourism, and Global Trade. Within this system, the university is training 10 million students for employment in these startups, CIE provides guidance to establish startups, Impulse Digital manages clients, and DynaTech Holdings supplies skilled staff, free for four months, along with insurance against loss to the Startups.

The Nano-Degree Program

The University of South Asia’s Nano Degree Program is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at propelling individuals into the tech industry. Through a comprehensive curriculum that blends practical skills with real-world applications, students are prepared for immediate employment and entrepreneurship.

The program duration is one year divided into three trimesters of four months each. First semester is dedicated to provide knowledge, second trimester provides practical training, and third trimester offers paid internship where students earn Rupees 40,000 a month. On completion the students get a secure job of Rupees 80,000 a month.

List of Nano Degree Offered

Nano Degree

The Nano Degree in Marketing Strategies & Campaign Design equips you with the skills to become a marketing mastermind,  developing winning strategies, and craft persuasive ad copies.

Nano Degree

The Nano Degree in Graphics Design & Videography equips students with cutting-edge skills in visual storytelling, digital design, and video production for diverse industries, using a wide range of AI applications.

Nano Degree

This Nano Degree offers comprehensive training in online advertising, content creation, analytics, and forming strategies to effectively engage audiences across various digital platforms.

Nano Degree

This Nano degree focuses on mastering WordPress, Shopify, and Wix, enabling students to build, manage, and optimize professional Ecommerce websites for business success across multiple platforms.

Nano Degree

A Nano Degree in Front End Web Development offers specialized training in creating visually engaging websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, emphasizing responsive, interactive design, and user experience.

Nano Degree

A Nano Degree in Backend Web Development equips learners with skills in server-side programming, databases, and application logic, using technologies like Python, Django, and SQL, to build robust web applications.

Nationwide Network of Teaching Institutions

Educating 10 million young individuals through Nano-degree programs presents an enormous challenge. To address this, DynaTech is establishing 1,000 Digi Centers, or Digital Centers, throughout Pakistan. These centers aim to revolutionize education by providing access to top-tier training facilities. The University of South Asia takes on the critical responsibilities of overseeing academic standards, ensuring educational excellence, and supplying well-trained faculty to uphold the quality of learning across these institutions.

Faculty Required

University of South Asia is seeking teaching staff for its network of colleges across Pakistan to teach all the above Nano Degrees. The ideal candidates will have the following:

Faculty Selection Process

Faculty Development Program

The Nano-Degree programs are rigorous by nature and require constant improvement of knowledge in order to stay at the forefront of the technology. In this regards, the University of South Asia has developed a Faculty Training Program.

This training is provided to the selected canidates who pass the first 2 steps of hiring process. 

University provides free one month training to the applicants and the selected candidates are offered immediate Teaching position with start salary of Rs. 100,000.

Career Prospects for the Teaching Faculty

The outlook for the Faculty of Nano-Degree programs is promising. Lecturers are offered a starting salary of Rs. 100,000, with an annual increment of 20%. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree are selected and enrolled in the Master’s program without any tuition fees.

Upon completing their Master’s degree, these students receive an additional increment. Furthermore, these lecturers have the chance to establish their own startup, with DynaTech Holdings offering a 60% loan for this purpose.